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The Benefits of Choosing The Law Firm of Rex Pietrobono:

Rex has represented a multitude of persons in New York charged with DWI and DWAI, among other criminal charges.  It is no overstatement to say your future is on the line, so why settle for a law firm which may just “dabble” in this field and have little experience defending DWI alcohol or drug based offenses? 

Lawyers are often asked by family members and friends to handle matters that are outside their area of practice.  While it may be difficult to say no to such requests, there are significant arguments against the propriety of a lawyer dabbling in unfamiliar areas of practice like criminal law, primarily, the increased risk of an ethical violations and mistake driven malpractice claims. Some experts estimate that over 50 percent of malpractice losses occur from lawyers working outside their primary areas of practice – that means avoidable mistakes can easily be made by the attorney dabbling in work which unfortunately prejudiced the defendant’s case.

With vast experience and resources in the area of DWI / DWAI /Drunk Driving defense, Rex  represents each and every client with the experience, care and attention they need and should expect.  Among other awards, Mr. Pietrobono has a perfect 10.0 Avvo rating among NY criminal defense lawyers (See, Client Testimonials; also, recipient of Avvo Client Choice Award 2015, 10 Best New York State DWI Lawyer, Excellent DWI DUI lawyer in NY, and Top 100 New York State Trial Lawyers).  ​There are so many types of law, that it’s important that your attorney has the experience and ability to fully represent your best interests.

DEFENSE SERVICES: DWI /DUI /DWAI: Aggressive and Innovative Legal Defense in New York.

Query: Why is The Law Firm of Rex Pietrobono the Westchester County based (also, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Ulster) law firm to choose when you are facing allegations of Driving While Intoxicated? 

Answer: Rex knows the law, the criminal justice system and your rights.  He will fight to the fullest extent of the law to ensure your due process is completely protected and he will never stop seeking justice until the best possible outcome has been achieved in each case.  Since 1990, the Law Firm of Rex Pietrobono has become a community practice with a regional presence throughout Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties, and a Statewide reputation for excellence!

REASON TO HIRE FIRM:  When clients put their faith in me, I cannot disappoint them.  I treat every case as if it was the most important one in the world.  I am passionate about DWI defense.  That's because I get great satisfaction from helping good people who made a mistake -- and it reflects in my work.​​  I help them to keep on moving forward!        Rex Pietrobono


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